Miami Nights

Sunset at from the Rusty Pelican

Miami skyline taken from the Rusty Pelican restaurant.

Miami skyline taken from the Rusty Pelican restaurant.


Bistro Bon Marche

Sax on the Beach!

Sax on the Beach!

Went to Bistro Bon Marche tonight. Had the scallops appetizer, it was awesome. Leo Casino was playing, great Sax on the Beach!

Leo Casino at Machiya Midtown Miami

Went to Machiya Japanese sushi restaurant last night in Midtown. First time we have been there since it opened. Execellent Sushi. Leo Casino and a lady singer were playing on the outside patio. Excellent sax player, and the lady did a mean Tina Turner, plus they did some cool old classics like “Get you kicks on route 66”. She covered Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, they did a terrific job. Will have to make this a regular Friday night event!

Machiya Japanese Sushi Restaurant
Machiya Japanese sushi restaurant
 Leo 2 Leo 3 Leo 4Sharing SakeSharing Some Sake

Playing for the Dog

Playing for the Dog

Leo and Singer 2 Boom Boom Pow

Leo and singer 1Leo and singer glowing edge



Leo BW 2 Leo Glowing EdgesLeo

Moonlight through Tequila

tequila by the moon light sI was taking pictures of the full moon over Biscayne Bay. When I came back in the living room from the balcony, I noticed that the tequila bottles on the window ledge, looked kind of cool with the moonlight behind them, so I took this picture. I kind of like it. The top part is the bay, the bottom part, the city lights are showing through the bottles.

Miami, City in the Clouds

City on the clouds composit 2City in the clouds

Woke up at 3:00 in the morning, and noticed that a fog had rolled in. From our 28th floor balcony, we were above the tops of the clouds. So took these pictures of the Miami downtown skyline.

Miami New Years Fireworks 2013

DSC_0016 cropped

DSC_0031 croped


New years eve, 2013. Biscayne Bay, Miami.

Midtown Miami, Art Basel 2012

Went to only 2 of the 23 main exhibits so far this weekend. Too much to see, amazing art!

















Miami Nights

Miami Panorama 120612
Biscayne Bay from our balconey.

Miami Madonna

Madonna put on a great show in Miami Tuesday night at the American Airlines Arena.

Bar Louie

New Martini bar, Bar Louie opened in Midtown Miami. From 11-12 until 11-18, from 6:00 to 9:00 you get one free appetizer, and all the martinis you can drink. Went there tonight, the place was packed, the menu looked really great. I guess we’ll have to go there thru Sunday just to sample all the appetizers.

Tried this recipe I saw online this weekend. Bought a fresh pineapple and sliced four slices, then cut them in three pieces each. Took three jalapenos and 2 serranos hot peppers. Grilled them all together, then put them in a small tupperware container. Poured a couple cups of tequila, I used a Camarena Reposado, then let it marinate in the refrigerator for three days. The tequila turned an amber color. Poured it through a strainer, and now I have a tequila with a sweet/hot taste. Very smooth. Really good. Bonus, the slices of pineapple soaked up the tequila, and are like a shot in every bite. Sweet!!!


Miami Zombie Crawl




Lightning Over Miami

Lightning Over Miami

Took this from the balcony last night. You have to be faster than the lightning.

Moon Over Miami 092912



Face in the Clouds


Hows this for spooky. Check out the face in the clouds. This is off my balcony in Miami, overlooking Biscayne Bay. no retouching. This is the actual clouds.

Sunset over Biscayne Bay

Sunset over Biscayne Bay, taken from the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Terry McMaster

Super Moon Over Miami

Super Moon rising over Biscayne Bay in Miami. March 18th and 19th 2011.

Taken By Terry McMaster, with Nikon D3000

Superbowl at Toms NFL

Three hours to kickoff!

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou…

Need I say more?


Drinking a Corona on New Years Eve.

Pictures by Hector

Jan 02, 2011 Birthday dinner by the pool at Monty’s on the Bay in Miami Beach. Hector, age 7, took these pictures.

Santa Over Miami

Took this picture from the balcony last night!

Christmas Party Belly Dancer

Went to a Christmas party, they had a belly dance come in….need I say more?