Sunrise Miami

Another Beautilful Day


DSC_2268Another day in paradise, sun coming up over Biscayne Bay Miami.

Sunrise Miami

DSC_2289Sunrise over Biscayne Bay Miami. The sun is behind the clouds, but still reflecting in the water.

Sunrise Over Biscayne Bay Miami

DSC_1624Just got my new D600 and am learning how it works. Bought David Bush’s book, ‘Nikon D600’. Everything you need to know and more.

Sunrise over Biscayne Bay – 12/29/12

HDR, this is four photos merged into one.

HDR, this is four photos merged into one.


Sunrise over Biscayne Bay 12/22/12

DSC_0424 Stitch

Sunrise Miami Oct 14th

Sunrise Oct 14th, three days until my birthday, even the heavens are celebrating early!

Sunset Miami 9-11

This is actually looking East, but the sun was setting in the west

and the light was reflecting off the top of the clouds.

Sunrise Miami

Valentines Day, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Look like the start of another beautiful day in Miami, August 28 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Sunrise, August 22 – 2010 Miami