Leo Casino at Machiya Midtown Miami

Went to Machiya Japanese sushi restaurant last night in Midtown. First time we have been there since it opened. Execellent Sushi. Leo Casino and a lady singer were playing on the outside patio. Excellent sax player, and the lady did a mean Tina Turner, plus they did some cool old classics like “Get you kicks on route 66”. She covered Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, they did a terrific job. Will have to make this a regular Friday night event!

Machiya Japanese Sushi Restaurant
Machiya Japanese sushi restaurant
 Leo 2 Leo 3 Leo 4Sharing SakeSharing Some Sake

Playing for the Dog

Playing for the Dog

Leo and Singer 2 Boom Boom Pow

Leo and singer 1Leo and singer glowing edge



Leo BW 2 Leo Glowing EdgesLeo


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