USS Hepburn – Buddies

Mano y Mano

USS Hepburn, 1976.

Two guys boxing on the ship at sea,

photo shopped for effect.

Terry McMaster


Guitar Man in the Mirror

Donny taught me to play guitar in the Navy.

He was left handed and so was I, so I could use his guitar to learn.

Note the pick guard, he bought a right handed guitar, then restrung it upside down.

We couldn’t afford no custom made left handed guitars in those days.


Is that a snake your holding, or are you just happy to see me?

Karachi Pakistan, January 1976. The guy lets me hold his cobra after the whole playing the flute gig. I was holding it right behind the head. Then I moved my hand further down and held it up for a bud to take a picture. The cobra flared its hood and started swaying back and forth wildly. The guy with the flute freaks out, and grabs the cobra right away. I guess the darn thing is still highly venomous, and he did not expect some hair brain sailor to to let it have it’s way. It happened so fast, my bud with my camera didn’t even snap the picture. See, it was hard to get good help, even then.