Miami Nights

Dinner on the Miami River at Casa Blancas

Had dinner at Casa Blancas on the Miami River. Mondays, all you can eat peel and eat shrimp for free, and Wednesdays all you can eat oysters free.  If you sit at the bar, you have to drink Presidentes beer on Monday and Mojitos on Wednesday. If you sit at a table and order food, you can drink whatever you want. We were in Wednesday, but we sat at a table outside next to the river, and ordered some appetizers, coconut shrimp and ceviche. A guy and his girlfriend were sitting at the bar all night, eating oysters and drinking Mojitos. The oysters were free all night, but I don’t know how many Mojitos they drank. When they left, she was smashed.  But I guess, what with all the oysters, he was ready for what ever was to come, so to speak.

Miami Night

For breast cancer awareness month, the building down town is pink.

Miami Night Zoom

I sat my camera on the balcony railing, and as I took

the shot, I zoomed in. It made for an interesting effect of motion.

Miami Nights

A beautiful night in Miami – August 30 2010

Hurricane Beach Party Miami

A new Hurricanes opens in Mid Town Miami.

Vintage Liquor Grand Opening Midtown Miami

Sometimes things are better in black and white.

Friday night Vintage Liquor opened a new wine bar in my building in Midtown. Looks like it is going to be a great establishment, combination liquor store, tapas, wine tasting, and right downstairs. I only have to make it to the elevator.