To my photographers friends. I used to keep all my photos in Raw and jpg both. Then, as it kept growing, I converted all my raw to dng, which saved about 20% space and stopped keeping the jpg. Then, as my collection grew even more, I started keeping only the jpg, and keeping the raw of any photos that I wanted to do post processing on, low light, etc. But still, my Lightroom photo file was over 600 GB, and my laptop was getting close to capacity. Quite by accident I ran across JPEGmini on line. All the reviews said it significantly reduced the size of your jpg files with no loss in detail. I ran tests by copying files, and then running one copy thru JPEGmini. Zooming in, I could not find any difference between the two files in loss of detail. I then processed all of the jpg files in my collection, and recovered 90 GB of space back. That’s right, GB, not MB. A significant savings. It only works on jpg files, so if you only keep raw, then it won’t do anything for you. But definitely worth checking out if you have a substantial number of jpg files and are worried about storage capacity.


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