DSC_0021-1 PS DSC_0042 PS DSC_0064-1 PS   DSC_0171-1 PS  DSC_0198-1 PS_pp DSC_0225-2 DSC_0232-1 PS Crop

DSC_0019-1 PS_pp DSC_0110-1 PS_pp DSC_0121-1 PS color fill_pp DSC_0176-1 PS_pp green eyes  DSC_0257-1 PS_pp DSC_0262-1 PS Final_pp DSC_0263-1 PS_ppTook these pictures of Iralia yesterday at X2 Studio in Miami Beach. My first attempt at portraits.


One response

  1. Alejandra

    Oh Wow great pictures!!! Iralia looks beautiful… Miss you two!

    March 11, 2013 at 7:56 pm

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