Brooklyn Jack

Karachi, Pakistan January 1976.

Pictured, Brooklyn Jack. He was our “guide” in Karachi. With a horse drawn carriage driven by his son, he took us around the city looking for whatever it was we desired. Always in a constant state of confrontation with Dan Petrous, my buddy from Detroit, he would say “Take it easy greasy, you got a long way to slide”.

Talk to anyone who has ever visited Karachi, and ask them what comes to mind first. Flies. Everywhere we went, thousands of them. Look closely at this picture. Everything is covered in flies. Not just food, everything. Whenever I think of Karachi, I think of flies, and Brooklyn Jack.


One response

  1. Buck

    A 70 year old ex merchant seaman thinks ohhhh….ya, I”ll bet “Someone” has Brooklyn Jack on the internet. Do you remember his book with all the letters? 50 years of going to sea and he is one of my favorite “Land Pilots.”

    December 27, 2015 at 9:33 pm

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