Troy and Travis a Conversation

A Conversation With Troy and Travis

Navy Makes Army Cry 17 to 13 ( We're such bullys...lol )

Navy Makes Army Cry 17 to 13 ( We’re such bullys…lol )



Sunrise Miami from my balcony. A series of 7 pictures, then used Windows Live Photo Gallery to create this panoramic scene.


Shirley Joanne Merth

In loving memory to my mother, Shirley Merth who passed away Thanksgiving day – 2011

Mexican With Attitude

Mexican bar in Hong Kong. Even the Chinese love the Mexicans.

An old friend and a glass of wine,

always make for a real good time!!

Dean Loconte in Orlando.

Terry McMaster

Thanksgiving Flowers in December

Yes, the flowers were real.

Miami Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving, beautiful sunrise, I made my own flower arrangement. Happy turkey day Miami!.

Border Patrol Arrests Illegal Alien

Border Patrol

Illegal Alien


Cuffem Danielle

Biscayne Bay from the Balcony

Zooming in while the shutter is open.

Spanish Monastery

We Went to visit a Spanish Monastery on my Birthday in North Miami. This was part of the Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux built in Spain around 1133. William Randolph Hearst purchased the Cloisters and out buildings in 1925, and had them dismantled and brought to the U.S. The structures were packed in some 11,000 wooden crates, packed in hay and shipped over. There was a hoof and mouth outbreak in Spain about that time, so the Department of Agriculture had the crates broke open upon its arrival and burned all the hay for fear it would carry the disease. It was about this time that Hearst ran into his financial problems, and the unassembled stones sat in New York for over 25 years. It was eventually bought and moved to Miami in the early 60’s. This was a great little place to stroll around and take some nice pictures.

Rainy Day in Poza Rica

Poza Rica, in Vera Cruz, Mexico

Things are jumpin in Misourri

Spent a week in Missouri one day…

Sunrise Miami 090410

A great start to Labor Day weekend, 2010!

Pagoda Painter

Kaohsiung, Taiwan – December 1974

In the park, this man was doing a water color painting of a pagoda.

I asked him how long he had been painting, and he said,


Which I thought was interesting….